Triplex Update

It has once again been a long while between posts but that does not mean we have just been sitting by the pool and drinking fruity cocktails. After closing the Triplex in December, it sat with one empty unit until I could make it back at the end of February to clean up. My buddy from Boston drove to da cuse and helped me a ton. Based on talking with the current tenants, it seems that a tenant or two ago in the upper unit they didn’t want to pay for trash and just put as much as they could in the attic. We filled at least 2/3 of a full size dumpster just with trash from up there, dragging it down flights of stairs since there are no windows in the attic we could toss things out of. Here’s are a couple in-process pics:

It appears that for a while someone may have also lived up there which is a scary thought. Especially since there is a 6×6 beam above the last step up so it would be very inconvenient at best.

Fortunately the weather was great as always.

After cleaning out the attic, plus a huge dog create, and a bunch of random stuff all over the unit, we went through and had it painted inside (light grey with white trim), including the radiators (which look awesome in dark grey), installed new countertops in the kitchen, a new vanity in the bathroom, refinished all the hardwood floors, and put all new windows on the upper level. We also put in a new stainless steel range and refrigerator. The existing range was way too wide for the space and the fridge smelled like death so from a look and feel plus maintenance perspective, it was worth it. I will usually use the Lowes business account and get the contractor rate, making sure to order something that is in stock so not only will I save some cash with the discounts but they can almost always deliver it before I have to head out of town.

Overall the place looks amazing and I would certainly live there if I needed a place to stay. The location is amazing, being walkable to the village area and lakeshore bike bath. The unit also has a private driveway and entrance so I figured we would have this rented out instantly. I was only able to be in the cuse for a couple weeks to work on this and then the projects ended up going long after I left so it wasn’t ready to rent until April. We were eventually able to rent it out at market rate for June 1 so our new tenant has only been in there for a few weeks. So far, so good.

Here are a few before pics:

And the finished product:

As a bonus project I built a 2×4 shelving unit in the garage for the tenants to use since I took over part of the garage with my truck and tools.

It was not too complicated or time consuming to build and will provide a lot of value to them over time, I think.

That’s about it for this update but next time I will go over our next deal. We are under contract for 8 more doors.

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