June Update

We got through all the rehabbing and rented out both houses in fairly quick fashion for June 1. May 1 was going to be really aggressive with all that was left to do so it wasn’t much of a surprise. We did get surprised by a broken window at each house that had to be replaced. Plus the drains at each backed up once already. Hopefully just a startup issue and not indicative of long-term problems with the plumbing.

All the houses in Syracuse now have new roofs which is awesome. Tough on the checkbook but this is a once time cost that will help keep everything watertight and in great shape for a long time to come. We did full tear-off, with architectural shingles and ridge vents.






We also brought in a professional cleaning company prior to showing the houses and had the lawns mowed so that set us back another $500 or so.

In the midst of all this rehab cost my daughter dislocated her elbow which is going to cost us $5k out of pocket. The emergency fund is in real tough shape right now but we will figure out a way to get through this and rebuild.

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